Dinner for Two

LCHF Waldorf Salad

Chicken Breast Pesto Rollmops

Roasted Petit Peppers

Spiced Cauliflower Mash

This whole meal started with a Waldorf Salad yearning, which usually is inspired by the beautiful apples in the grocers this time of year. Also, my partner was not feeling the best. I only know how to cook, not how to heal, though in some ways food has amazing properties of healing I suppose. I also wanted to partly test drive this chicken idea as I’d like to make a version if it when our friend comes to dinner.

This is going to be more a summary of what I made and not exact measurements. I’m pretty sure that anyone who visits this blog is a way more accomplished cook than I’ll ever hope to be! Run with your own measurements, instincts and culinary acumen!

Waldorf Salad

I chopped up about 3/4’s of a bunch of celery, one Granny Smith apple, a handful of pecans, blueberries and a few sprinkled poppy seeds.

Dressing was buttermilk, mayonnaise, one avocado, ground salt and pepper, garlic and mixed herbs. I really wanted mint, but had none fresh. It’s autumn here and the mint is over in the garden. Blitz that all together, pour over salad and toss!

Blueberries are beautiful inside

Making the chicken rollmops filled with pesto was super quick. Cut the chicken breasts open in a swiss roll style, spread over the pesto, roll up, top with chilli flakes, ground pepper and olive oil and bake for around 25 minutes or until cooked through.

Cauliflower mash was just steamed cauliflower head with a packet of Philly cream cheese and garlic blitzed in, seasoned with salt and pepper and then a sprinkle of turmeric, cumin, and ground chilli.

I roasted some small peppers prior on the grill pan I used for the chicken and steamed some brocollini in with the cauliflower.

This meal took about 50 minutes to put together.

My sweetie said it was good and felt a bit better.

Co-opti Cat tonight.

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