September Indulgence: LCHF Grilled Cheese


Yes. This is indeed a grilled cheese, topped with an egg, chilli flakes, spiced Herbamare, oak leaf lettuce and roma and sungold tomatoes. I have not eaten a toasted cheese in nearly 3 years, but the delicious twist to this tale is the slice of bread is very low in carbs, as opposed to regular bread. Very much like keto cloud bread, except … well you can see for yourself in the photos. It was quite the treat to kick September off with and worth every mouthful.

*I am in no way promoting this product or affiliated to the company … just sharing!

Also, no ingredients or method listed, the photos tell a food story. I’m very happy with this bread, it will be a rare treat and live in the freezer.

Lastly, some photos of the bounteous harvests from my partners veggie garden. Baskets of garlic, shallots, tomatoes and sunflowers bordering the veggie plot.

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