Mom’s Lemon Curd Tree

*all photos in this post are by my Mum, except the last which I took in January this year

As it’s Mother’s Day here is a post and tribute to my wonderful, witty, warm and welcoming 87 year old Mother. I always say to my friends, if I grow up to be anything half as awesome as my Mum, I’ll be happy.

When my Dad passed away, we planted a lemon tree in the garden in his memory. I can’t think of a nicer way than planting a tree to memorialise and celebrate a person’s life.

My Mum is now picking baskets of lemons, and here is the first of what Mum made from the fruits of her labours. Lemon Curd! More is in the works regarding her culinary plans for the lemons, Lemon Pickle/Achar, Lemon Marmalade and who knows what else. My Mum is a fine and accomplished cook!

As we are on opposite hemisphere’s and the vast Atlantic ocean spans between us, I am the lucky recipient of these photos.

So here is the first deliciousness my Mum has produced from the lemon tree … or, the lemon curd tree!

Her recipe is, I do believe, more than 90 years old (it was her Mother’s), perhaps more. Included here is a snapshot she sent me from her book, handed down from her Mother.

My Mum has advanced macular degeneration and her lovely photos are a tribute to her young at heart and positive enthusiasm in everything she does and her upbeat attitude in embracing modern technology and my son’s support and encouragement in that journey. Despite her visual challenges, Mum knits blankets for charity, has dinner parties for her friends and family, hosts tea parties and bible study and is out and about almost every day.

Here’s to all Mothers – those who are Mothers to pets, friends, everyone they meet, and Mothers to our planet.

Thank you all for your gracious custodian of life here on earth, no matter what it is. We’re blessed by you all.

All women are Mothers … to someone, something or some good cause somewhere, not only children. I hold you dear and close to my heart, wherever you are.

The recipe below was typed by my Mother many many years ago and she references her Mom here, who made this same recipe for the local farmers show in the Bathurst village of South Africa, and won prizes for her Lemon Curd. My Grandfather had lemon trees on his farm, the beautiful Summerhill Farm in the rolling coastal hills near Port Alfred. I also know the butter my Grandmother would have used, would have been from the cows on the farm. How rich a farm life was!

(This recipe can be adapted to be made Keto friendly, just sub the sugar. Butter, the gold of dairy!)

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