Southeast Asia food

Cashew pineapple fried rice, Thailand.Carrot and sprout salad, Thailand. We’re traveling around Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for 2 weeks and I thought to post a few photos. These are not LCHF or keto, but the food is so lovely, colourful and delicious and the countries we have visited rich with diverse flavours!Mango sticky rice, ThailandVietnamese coffee and Portuguese custard tart.Fresh fruits of MalaysiaIndian sweetmeats and chickpeas with chilli and lime and curry leaves in Little India, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.Curry puffs, the old fashioned kind made of many layers of puff style pastry. Imagine folding those over and over as you roll the pastry! Penang, Malaysia.Dim Sum in Penang, MalaysiaFrench Charcuterie board, Penang, MalaysiaChicken chilli curry, Penang, MalaysiaJack fruit, utterly delicious! Penang, MalaysiaSeafood market, Penang, MalaysiaDim Sum, Penang, MalaysiaThere was blue rice in the folded leaf, coloured with blue cornflower like petals.Noodles and satay in Penang, Malaysia. The street food is unbelievably delicious!Cuteness break!The Cake House in Penang, Malaysia where 9 bakers bake for 8 hours each day.Armenian salad, Penang, MalaysiaTea Eggs, Penang, MalaysiaRambutan fruit (a bit like lychees) , Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaCurry puff street food from a hawker, SingaporeFrench patisserie, raspberry and mocha at Gardens on the Bay tea room, SingaporeStreet market, Little India, Singapore

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