Cakey Fruit Topper

Sorta like a cobbler but more like cake.

Prep Time: 10 | Cook Time: 35 | Makes: 8 | Difficulty: Easy


• Fruit base of cooked fruit: strawberries or blueberries or … apples, peaches, figs (I know … not keto but we have a fig tree and I love figs!), any fruit stewed with xylitol

About 3 cups chopped fruit simmered with 1/3 cup xylitol

• Melt 1 stick sugar
• Blend in 1/2 heaped cup swerve sugar or xylitol, dissolve partially
• Add 1/2 heaped cup sour cream
• Beat in 2 large eggs
• Add 1 1/2 cup almond flour
• Add 1/3 cup ground flax meal
• Add 2 tsp baking powder
• 2 tsp vanilla essence


When batter is mixed, place the fruit in a very well buttered dish, top with the batter and bake about 35 to 40 minutes at 350F.

Serve with whipped cream, sour cream, Greek yoghurt or keto custard.

I made this up, it’s good. The ground flax binds the batter and flax is good for us! The batter should be a spoonable kinda pourable light batter.



Add to batter your choice of:

1 tsp cardamom/ginger/cinnamon – depends on what you think will be good with your fruit of the day. Or not! : )


(Play Hollow Knight, it’s very good!)

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