Dried Persimmons

We’re still in persimmon heaven here. I think my husband counted about 450 from the Japanese Fuyu Persimmon he planted about 10 years ago. We have decided they are the mango of the Pacific NW. Once dried they are sugar sweet and taste like mango. We love them fresh and dried. I also made fruit roll from them yesterday, but I will post that another time.

Such a beautiful autumn fruit, the prettiest of all!

For a 9 rack dehydrator you need about:

54 persimmons – about 6 per rack

Top and tail the persimmons, peel and slice into 4x thick diagonal slices

Lay on rack and set dehydrator to 10 hours, on max setting

Add more time if you need them dryer.

Store in a sealed container and eat within 3 months, keep an eye on it for mould if you have not dried them enough, keep in freezer in zip locks if this is the case.

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