The Fruits, Fowls and Farscapes of Kauai HI, Part II

I sincerely hope all is well with you and those dear to you. Today is Day 44 of “sheltering in place” and time seems to have taken on a different strange rhythm. This is my second and last post of our trip to Hawaii, now a lovely memory and tbh, wondering if we dreamt it!

Next time I will be back to posting recipes!

We had an incredible 45 minute helicopter ride over the Kauai island, our 40th anniversary treat to ourselves in lieu of meals out. Well worth it! From waterfalls to arid mountains and dramatic cliffs. It was pelting with rain and buffeting at times, but an amazing experience. This is the entrance to the Princeville airport where there are flights to hop to the other islands.

As we were on the north side of the island, we were fascinated to see how they protect the citrus trees from the prevailing on-shore wind from the sea. These beautiful hand made screens protecting the trees were fascinating.

Every time we went to the beach, we had the same friendly hen hang out with us. Maybe she liked the treats! The trees growing on the beaches are spectacular and provide wonderful shade.

What we loved were the food carts in the beach parking lots and this was fried chicken I had after a lovely long snorkel. The coral reef was badly damaged and denuded of much of it’s former beauty, but when we did discover a still intact cluster of coral, the fish were beautiful.

Here are some of the beautiful birds we saw without even trying. We were lucky to see the Nene Geese, Red Crested Cardinal and Zebra Dove. I also saw the Northern Carnidal but not lucky enough to take a photo. The birds are amazingly chill too and came close to us!

On the side of rural roads you often see fruit and flower stalls that offer freshly picked produce that works with an honour system, a little box on the side where you pay what you feel is a fair amount, or what you can afford.

I loved the stores that had wonderful shrines or places of spirituality that are a reminder in our every day life to pause and reflect on what is important, and the gentle nurturing of the soul during a busy daily pace.

This is Hanalei where we walked, browsed, shopped and ate which was near Princeville where we stayed. It was a delightful little village, we went back often.

A few groceries to look at below that I found fascinating. The first is Butter Mochi, which is like a baked custard dessert, not too sweet (yes, I had to taste … I was on holiday! : ) and I’d love to try and make a keto version some day. Look at all the breads they have … no banana bread only for Hawaiians, they have coconut, guava and there was a chocolate loaf there too! Dried cuttlefish right next to dried cherries and other smoked fish. There was also a green tea mochi, coconut as well as Ube mochi, which is made from purple yam. Utterly delicious!

Here are the water fields of taro root growing. We tried hard to find some to eat and the one food cart that did sell it was closed. There are lovely fresh fruit carts to order the most incredible blended juices. Refreshingly delicious.

These are the last two fruit that I would like to share as well that we discovered. The first is a Sapodilla fruit. You need to wait until it is very soft before peeling it and it has the flavour of a custard apple crossed with papaya, and very very good! It is native to Mexico as well as Central America.

The last fruit we tried is called the “egg fruit” in Hawaii or also known as Yellow Sapote and which had a strange texture we were not too keen on, it’s compared to the boiled yolk of an egg, but also a little yam like. I liked it, but it was not our favourite.

Lastly … a few photos of while we were driving around the northern part of Kauai. If you are thinking of where to go and have Hawaii in your dreams, I hope you make it happen. We loved the people, the pace and places we experienced.

Until next time, take good care.

(We came home to this!)