Skillet baked Butternut with baby Tomatoes

Yesterday I baked this wonderful butternut and I also had baby tomatoes I needed to use up. I was not sure how the butternut and tomatoes would compliment each other, but if you add rosemary and garam masala, each of those in their own right work their magic. It was so delicious I forgot to take a pic after oven baking it! We just dug right in. I love roasted veggies, anything I can prepare ahead and not fuss with. Regarding prep… cutting up the butternut is the longest part! I’m sure any squash would work well, this butternut was given to us by a fellow community gardener in exchange for the awesome tomatoes my sweetie growns. We recieved it young and green. There is something so lovely to watch a veggie ripen in front of your eyes through autumn and then cook it, instead of from the grocers.

1 large butternut, end piece cut into rounds

5 – 7 fresh rosemary twigs

1/2 stick butter

Olive oil to grease pan and to drizzle over

3 tsp garam masala (mix of cumin, coriander, cardamom, cloves nutmeg, cinnamon, fine black pepper)

About 1 dozen baby tomatoes, washed

Cut rounds off ends of butternut, trim off skin

Drizzle olive oil into skillet and brush around to grease

Place rounds of butternut in skillet flipping over in olive oil to coat

Sprinkle over masala generously!

Place the tomatoes on top

Dot with butter

Add the rosemary

Sprinkle a tad more olive oil over if desired

Bake 40 minutes or until cooked – ending with a top broiler “fire up” for a few moments – to roast those tomatoes until nicely grilled.

So super good!

Sorry no photo of the final cooked dish but if you can image this all toasty, grilled and melty browned … you get the picture!

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