Cream Guns, let’s talk about them!

If you’re Keto or eating Low Carb High Fat, these are so great. My lovely husband just gifted me one for my birthday and wow, it’s a game changer. No more messy whipping cream, no wasted cream, always fresh whipped cream! LCHF heaven!

Check them out first and see which one you like, there are a couple on the market for sale. I had this one in mind a while back as I know the brand and when I was in the industrial kitchen equipment trade, they were a tried and tested make.

Don’t forget to purchase the cartridges you will need for them and oddly enough, cream tastes better when out of a cream gun. Hah! This one is for a pint of cream and a cartridge should last you one pint.

Pro tip we found out. After you’ve poured in the cream, assembled the gun and the cartridge is in place (turn the cartridge holder on until you hear a soft hiss and the seal breaks, it needs to be on tight) give the unit about 3 to 4 shakes – !no more! – and test in a sink as your first trial is a bit messy. Be sure to use totally upside down. Edit: always shake before using, but please don’t over do it!

This is hot cocoa topped with farm fresh cream from Twin Brook Creamery, a local dairy in Oregon. Heavenly breakfast treat!

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